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Official Local Forms


Local Form 1 Matrix List of Creditors
Local Form 2A Notice of Intended Private Sale of Property, Solicitation of Counteroffers, Deadline for Submitting Objections and Higher Offers and Hearing Date
Local Form 2B Notice of Intended Public Sale of Estate Property
Local Form 3 Chapter 13 Plan (to be used for all original, amended, and postconfirmation plans filed after December 1, 2017). This form is also available as a non-fillable PDF here.
  Exhibits 1-4 of the Chapter 13 Plan (effective December 1, 2017) are located below. These duplicate forms are found in the Plan but may be used if you are filling out the exhibits separately or need additional pages for those forms.
  Exhibit 1
  Exhibit 2
  Exhibit 3
  Exhibit 4
Local Form 3A Certificate of Service for Chapter 13 Plan
Local Form 3B Affidavit of Service for Chapter 13 Plan
Local Form 4 Order Confirming Chapter 13 Plan
Local Form 5 Order and Notice Fixing Deadline for Filing Proofs of Claim in Chapter 11 Cases
Local Form 6 Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheet, Reaffirmation Agreement and Proposed Order
Local Form 7 Declaration of Electronic Filing
Local Form 8 Chapter 13 Agreement Between Debtor and Counsel Rights and Responsibilities of Chapter 13 Debtors and Their Attorneys
Local Form 9 Motion Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §109(h)(3) for Extension of Time to File Credit Counseling Certificate
Local Form 10 Motion Brought under 11 U.S.C. §521(f) (Request for Debtor to File Federal Tax Information with the Court)
Local Form 11 Motion Brought under 11 U.S.C. § 521(g) Motion by Party in Interest for Access to Debtor’s Federal Tax Information
Local Form 12 Motion for Entry of Chapter 13 Discharge and Affidavit in Support
Local Form 13 Motion for Relief from Stay - Real Estate Worksheet
Local Form 14 Debtor(s)’ Schedule of Disputed Payments in Opposition to Motion for Relief from Stay - Postpetition Transaction History
Local Form 15-1 Motion to Conditionally Approve and to Combine the Hearing on Final Approval of the Disclosure Statement and Confirmation of the Plan of Reorganization of Small Business Debtor
Local Form 15-2 Order and Notice Conditionally Determining that the Disclosure Statement Accompanying the Plan of Reorganization for Small Business Debtor Provides Adequate Information, and Setting Hearing on Confirmation and Related Matters
Local Form 15-3 Ballot for Accepting or Rejecting Plan of Reorganization
Local Form 16 Report of Mediation
Local Form 17 Application by Attorney for the Debtor(s) for Compensation Under 11 U.S.C. § 330(a) and MLBR Appendix 1, Rule 13-7(f)(1)
Local Form 18 Notice of Address Change: Payment and/or Notice Address
Local Form 19 Order confirming Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization of Individual Debtor(s)
Local Form 20 Summary of Loan Modification
Local Form 21 Order Avoiding Lien Impairing Exemption (To be used in cases other than chapter 13)
Local Form 21A Order Avoiding Lien Impairing Exemption (To be used only in chapter 13)
Local Form 22 Affidavit in Support of Motion For Entry of Individual Chapter 11 Discharge
Local Form 23 Application for Payment of Unclaimed Funds