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Transcript Policy - Deadlines for Restriction, Redaction and Release

Under the Judicial Conference policy governing public access to transcripts of federal court proceedings, transcripts are not electronically available (online) until 90 days after docketing.

Note: Upon request, ECF Users who purchase the transcript may also be given remote access to the transcript through the Court’s ECF system. Remote access is not the same as purchasing the transcript. Remote access is not free; PACER charges will apply. The 30-page cap does NOT apply to transcripts. The full per page price will be charged to the ECF Users' PACER statement.

Note: A Redaction Request is a public document. It is imperative that the actual information or identifiers to be redacted are NOT included in the Request or any of its attachments. Information to be redacted should be identified by page and line number and referenced as follows:

  1. During the 90-day restriction period:

    • Transcripts may be viewed but not printed, at any of the public terminals in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Clerk's Office.

    • Transcripts may be purchased directly from the transcriber. Contact information for the transcriber is available from the Clerk's Office or by contacting Court's ECR Operator.

  2. Parties or attorneys wishing to redact personal identifiers from a transcript must file a Redaction Request and Certificate of Service within 21 days of the filing of the transcript. (Filers must serve Redaction Requests on the transcriber.)

    • Social security number - last four (4) digits

    • Minors' name - minors' initials

    • Dates of birth - the year of birth

    • Financial account numbers - the last for digits

  3. If a Request is filed, the Redacted Transcript is due 31 calendar days from the date of filing of the transcript. Unless extended by court order, Redacted Transcripts are not made public until the end of the 90-day restriction period.

  4. If no Redaction Request is filed, the Court will remove the electronic restriction to the transcript at the end of the 90-day restriction period.