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Disability Accommodations

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is tasked with the management and care of all federally owned and leased buildings, including those buildings where the U.S. Bankruptcy Court is located throughout the District of Massachusetts. It is GSA policy to make all federal buildings accessible without the use of special facilities for the disabled. Additionally, all Courtrooms within each of these buildings are wheelchair accessible and equipped with assistive listening devices.

Individuals requesting an accommodation related to an appearance at a hearing or trial must contact the Courtroom Deputy no fewer than five (5) business days in advance of when the accommodation is needed. Please include in your request, the date the accommodation is needed, the name of the case or proceeding, and a reason for  the accommodation.

A list of Courtroom Deputies is available here. Others wishing an accommodation to visit th Court or Clerk’s office may contact the Clerk of Court or the Chief Deputy at 617-748-6600.

Note: Accommodations which create an excessive financial or administrative burden will not be granted. Additionally, the Court will not pay for personal services or equipment including a personal assistant, a lawyer, paralegal, hearing aids, eye glasses, walkers or other devices.



View our Nursing Policy here.



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Except in very limited instances, the Court does not provide translators for court proceedings and parties are responsible for providing a translator.


Assistive Listening

Our webpage offers assistive listening with our new digital inclusion toolbar. To access this feature, click on the ear/hearing icon located at the top right section of our homepage. Once selected, the ReachDeck toolbar will appear at the top of your browser. Click on the Play button to initiate Text-to-Speech read aloud with read-along highlighting. This toolbar also provides translation support and content simplification tools to help make the information on our website easier and more accessible.

Each courtroom is equipped with assistive listening devices and the Court may be able to provide an interpreter when needed.