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ECF Frequently Asked Questions

1. I forgot my ECF filing password. How can I reset it?

2. My account says I am locked out.

  • If you are a creditor, we no longer issue or update creditor accounts. Information on creditor filings without a login can be found here: Creditor Information
  • If you are an attorney that owes fees, you will see the following message: “This account has been locked. Please make payments to continue docketing.” You must pay any outstanding fees in order to continue.
  • If you are an attorney that sees the following message: “This account has been locked. Please contact the court.”, you may request that your account be unlocked by emailing and including your current contact information including bar id and email address. The request should be sent on firm letterhead and signed by the attorney. If you must file something today, please contact the appropriate Deputy in Charge or Case Administration Supervisor: Judges and Phone Numbers

3. I am logged in to file, but I only see Query, Reports and Utilities how do I file?

Your Pacer account does not have filing privileges in our court please contact Pacer at:

4. What should I do if I leave my firm or change my address?

Please refer to Massachusetts Local Rules found here. You will also need to update your address with Pacer please go to:

5. How do I register for ECF credentials?

You will need to have a valid Pacer account and to register with Pacer please go to: Attorneys should also complete the application which can be found at: ECF Access.

6. I have a District Court login. Can I use this to file in the Bankruptcy Court?

Attorneys should complete the application which can be found at: ECF Access.

7. Where do I file a Proof of Claim?

8. When uploading my creditor matrix (.txt) file I get an error?

Please open your .txt file in Notepad and be sure that you File, Save As and change the (Encoding) to ANSI if it is not already set that way and resave the .txt file. Try uploading again. Also, See Matrix for further information. If you continue to have problems, please contact the Case Administrator for your case: Judges and Phone Numbers

9. How do I find information on your website?

In the top right corner of your screen you will see the word Go and to the left of that word is your search function.

10. Is Electronic Filing mandatory?

Please see MLBR 9036-1 Local Rules

11. How do PACER and ECF fit together?

In addition to your ECF login and password, you must have a PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) account. If you do not already have a PACER account, you can contact PACER via e-mail, phone or on-line:

  1. Email:
  2. Phone: 1 -800-676-6856
  3. On-line registration at:

12. How is payment of filing fees handled for ECF cases?

Payment for filing fees will be made online by electronic check (ACH) or credit card.

13. What if I did not get a pop-up screen to pay?

You may need to disable your pop-up screen blocker or enter the court’s URL address as a trusted address allowing pop-ups. Note: If the credit card screen does not pop up for some reason you are still responsible for paying the fee as the fee is due upon filing. Contact the court immediately.

14. Does ECF accept formats other than PDF?

  • No. Documents must be filed in PDF format
  • The only exception is the creditor matrix file which must be uploaded as a .txt file in addition to being filed as a PDF file.

15. Can the public view ECF cases and the documents in those cases?

  • Yes, there are public terminal(s) in the intake area of the US Bankruptcy Court in Boston, Worcester and Springfield. You can also use the Pacer service at:
  • Access to cases prior to December 1, 2003 are only accessible at the clerk’s office.

16. What should I do when a support staff leaves my firm?

Please change your Pacer password.

17. How do I log into ECF?

Click on this link
(NOTE: ECF has only been tested with Internet Explorer and FireFox)

18. How do I set up my email and maintain my ECF account?

You will need to update your account with Pacer at:

19. How is the list of creditors (matrix) handled?

See Matrix

20. How can I find out BEFORE I prepare and file my motion who will receive electronic notice?

Click on ‘Utilities’ in the blue ECF Main Menu Bar, then click on ‘Mailings’, then click ‘Mailing Info for a Case’. Enter the case number and click ‘submit’ to view the Electronic Mail Notice List and Manual Notice List.

21. Can a document be deleted?

Documents cannot be deleted (or modified) in the ECF system. Contact the Case Administrator for your case: Judges and Phone Numbers

22. I just filed a duplicate bankruptcy case, what do I need to do?

Contact the Case Administrator for your case: Judges and Phone Numbers

23. What event should I use when filing a document?

There is a Search button available in ECF on the menu bar.

24. I filed a signed motion (or objection, response, or complaint) with a proposed order, but I forgot to file an exhibit. How do I file that?

File the exhibit and link it to the motion (or objection, response, or complaint). If you have questions, please contact the Case Administrator for your case: Judges and Phone Numbers

25. How do I file documents to be sealed?

Manually. Check the local rule MLBR 9018-1 Impounded Documents. If you have questions, please contact the Case Administrator for your case: Judges and Phone Numbers

26. Have Court deadlines changed now that I can file 24/7?

No, it is the same for paper and electronic filing. Check the MLBR Appendix 8, Electronic filing rules, Rule 3(c)(2)

27. What if my client has a P.O. Box can I use that as the address?

To open the case, we need the physical address of the debtor. A mailing address can be added as a PO Box on the voluntary petition.

28. How do I open and listen to court audio attachments?

To listen to court audio attachments please review these instructions.