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Multi-Court Voice Case Information System (McVCIS)

By dialing toll free (866) 222-8029 from a touchtone phone, you may determine whether a party has filed for bankruptcy, and gain a considerable amount of case information. The service is available at all times. The information available includes debtor(s)' name(s), date of filing, chapter, attorney for the debtor, trustee (if any), date and time of the pending Sec. 341 Meeting, date of discharge, date of case closing, and general case status, such as "Awaiting 341 Meeting" or "Awaiting Discharge Order." Simply enter the debtor's name, last name first, using up to ten characters, and hit the # sign. Punctuation is irrelevant, and we recommend that you use all 10 characters allotted. If the debtor is a corporation, enter the first ten characters of the debtor's name and hit the # sign. A detailed description of the service is available at the clerk's office.

As noted earlier in the section on Case Information, you can also obtain basic information by calling our case information operators at (617) 748-5300 during normal business hours (8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday).