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A bankruptcy case is a legal proceeding that affects the rights of both debtors and creditors.  Only an attorney is authorized to give you legal advice regarding a bankruptcy case or proceeding. The Clerk’s Office, the judges, and their staff cannot give you legal advice. For example, they cannot explain the meaning of a particular statutory provision, case, or applicable rule, help you complete forms, advise you on what action to take or complaint to file, or explain who should receive proper notice or service.


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Bankruptcy Petition Preparers:

By law, bankruptcy petition preparers are only a typing service and they cannot give legal advice.  They may type information on bankruptcy forms which are available for free from the Clerk's Office, this website, or the U.S. Courts website.  Many of the forms on the website are in pdf-fillable form.  

There is no training, testing, or certification required to act as a bankruptcy petition preparer.
Petition preparers must sign all documents they prepare as a petition preparer; their name, address, and full social security number must appear on the documents; and copies furnished to the debtor.
Bankruptcy petition preparers CAN NOT:

  •         Give legal advice or explain how to answer legal questions;
  •         Represent debtors at their Meeting of Creditors (the “341 Meeting”);
  •         Represent debtors in any court proceeding or hearing;
  •         Draft or file motions, notices, objections, responses, or other pleadings; or
  •         Sign a document on the debtor’s behalf nor receive payment from the debtor for court fees.

BEWARE of bankruptcy petition preparers who do not comply with these requirements.


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