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Filing The List of Creditors and Codebtors/Matrix

When filing a petition, a debtor must file a list of creditors and codebtors. This list is also know as a matrix. Instructions for how to format the list are found in this Court's Official Local Form 1.

Under Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 1007(a)(1) and this Court's Local Rule 1007-1(a), a debtor must file a matrix with the petition. The Local Rule further provides that if the debtor fails to file the matrix with the petition, the court may dismiss a case without a notice and a hearing, unless the debtor has filed with the petition an emergency motion for extension of time to file the matrix. The motion must explain the cause for the requested extension and why the debtor could not filed the matrix with the petition. A form motion for extension of time is available at each of our divisional offices.