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Pro Bono Publico Awards

To recognize and express gratitude to those who have gone above and beyond to ensure that individuals who face economic hardship (and often language barriers) are able to obtain legal services and navigate the bankruptcy process, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts bestowed the Pro Bono Publico Award on the following attorneys:


Date District Award Eastern Division Central Division Western Division South Coast/
Cape & Islands
2013   Steven D. Pohl,
Brown Rudnick
Lawrence E. Cohen Jonathan R. Goldsmith,
Goldsmith, Katz & Argenio
2014 Donald R. Lassman,
Law Offices of Donald R.
Susan Grossberg,
Grossberg Law Offices
Paul W. Carey,
Mirick O’Connell
Justin H. Dion,
Bacon Wilson, P.C.
David G. Prentiss
2015   Nina M. Parker,
Parker & Assoc.
Walter C. Oney, Jr.
Oney Law Office
David W. Ostrander,
Ostrander Law Office
Bucacci & Simonian, P.C.
2016 Janet E. Bostwick,
Janet E. Bostwick, PC
Neil D. Warrenbrand,
Law Offices of Neil D.
Judith Vassilovski Henry E. Geberth, Jr.,
Hendel & Collins
David B. Madoff,
Madoff & Khoury LLP
2017   Kate E. Nicholson,
Nicholson Herrick LLP
Wendy Mead,
Mead Law Office
Jeffrey S. Weisser,
Connor, Sandman &
2019   Francis C. Morrissey
Morrissey, Wilson &
Zafiropoulos LLP
Craig T. Ornell,
Ornell Law Office
Joseph B. Collins,
Collins, Hendel &
2021 David R. Chenelle
Perkins & Anctil, P.C.

Pro Bono Honor Roll