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Adversary Proceeding Pro Bono Program

Pro Bono Attorneys

In an appropriate Adversary Proceeding case, the Court may allow an indigent party’s Application for volunteer pro bono counsel. When this occurs, every effort will be made to refer the applicant to a volunteer from a panel of those lawyers who have actively expressed an interest in providing pro bono representation in this Court.

Volunteer counsel through this program may apply for reimbursement of certain expenses in accordance with the Court’s Guidelines Governing the Reimbursement of Expenses in Pro Bono Cases, subject to both court approval and available funding.

An attorney interested in volunteering may complete the registration form available through the link provided below and send it to the Pro Bono Coordinator:


Parties in Adversary Proceedings

If you are an indigent party in an Adversary Proceeding case before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts and you are seeking volunteer pro bono counsel to represent you, please read the Pro Bono Plan, and submit an Application and Supplemental Questionnaire. At your earliest opportunity, you are encouraged to contact the Pro Bono Coordinator: