Judges and Phone Numbers

Eastern Division

Judge Melvin S. Hoffman
Boston, MA

ReginaCourtroom/Calendar Clerk(617) 748-5337
StefanieCase Administration Supervisor(617) 748-5319
SusanCases ending in 17-66 (all chapters)(617) 748-5333
ToniCases ending in 00-16,67-99 (all chapters)(617) 748-5334
YvonneECR Operator(617) 748-5336

Judge Frank J. Bailey
Boston, MA

MaryCourtroom/Calendar Clerk(617) 748-5350
StefanieCase Administration Supervisor(617) 748-5319
JoanCases ending in 00-49 (all chapters)(617) 748-5342
NoeCases ending in 50-99 (all chapters)(617) 748-5344
LisaECR Operator(617) 748-5346

Judge Janet E. Bostwick
Boston, MA

LeahCourtroom/Calendar Clerk(617) 748-5327
StefanieCase Administration Supervisor(617) 748-5319
CindyCases ending in 00-33 (all chapters)(617) 748-5321
CynthiaCases ending in 34-66 (all chapters)(617) 748-5323
BriannaCases ending in 67-99 (all chapters)(617) 748-5326
BriannaECR Operator(617) 748-5326

Central Division

Chief Judge Christopher J. Panos
Worcester, MA

JoanneDeputy in Charge(508) 770-8921
HalinaCourtroom/Calendar Clerk(508) 770-8927
MeganCases ending in 00-33 (all chapters)(508) 770-8950
AlCases ending in 34-66 (all chapters)(508) 770-8913
DavidCases ending in 67-99 (all chapters)(508) 770-8905
AlECR Operator(508) 770-8932

Western Division

Judge Elizabeth D. Katz
Springfield, MA

SheilaDeputy in Charge(413) 785-6910
StephenCourtroom/Calendar Clerk(413) 785-6909
PaulaCases ending in 00-33 (all chapters)(413) 785-6906
AudreyCases ending in 34-66 (all chapters)(413) 785-6905
KateCases ending in 67-99 (all chapters)(413) 785-6908
LauraECR Operator(413) 785-6911

Filings by Fax


  • The Court will accept for filing documents transmitted by facsimile machine only if the documents are permitted to be filed non-electronically pursuant to Rule 1 of Appendix 8, except that the following documents may be filed by facsimile machine only with the prior permission of the Clerk, the Deputy Clerk or their designee:

    A) documents constituting a pleading for which a filing fee is required;

    B) documents which exceed 35 pages, exclusive of the certificate of service;
  • All documents filed in accordance with subsection (a) shall be deemed originally filed within the meaning of Fed. R. Civ. P. 5(e) and 11, as made applicable by Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9014 and within the meaning of Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9011. No subsequent original shall be filed after the document is filed by facsimile.
  • Documents received by the Clerk by facsimile after 4:30 P.M. on a court day shall be deemed received as of the following court day.