CM/ECF Motion Changes

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The CM/ECF system will be updated to reflect modifications to motions available for docketing. Some motions will no longer be available for use and replacement events have been provided. A summary of those motions and their respective replacements can be found here:

Motion to Abandon (With Fee)Motion to Abandon
Motion Dismiss Case for AbuseMotion to Dismiss Case
Motion to AllowMotion to Approve
Motion Exemption from Credit CounselingMotion for Exemption
Motion Exemption from Financial Management CourseMotion for Exemption
Motion to File Claim after Claims bar DateMotion to File Late
Motion to ModifyMotion to Amend
Motion for ReaffirmationMotion to Approve (linked to Reaffirmation)
Motion to EstablishMotion to set Bar Date
Motion to Dismiss Section 521(i) (4)Motion to Dismiss Case
Motion to Dismiss Failure to File TaxesMotion to Dismiss Case
Motion and Agreed Order (Trustee only)Motion to Extend Time
Chapter 13 Trustee's Motion to Dismiss Case for Failure to Make Plan PaymentsChapter 13 Trustee’s Motion to Dismiss Case
Motion to Amend SchedulesMotion to Amend
Motion for Relief from Co-Debtor StayMotion for Relief from Stay/Co-Debtor stay
Motion to Continue Meeting of CreditorsThis event is discontinued
Motion to Dismiss for Nonreceipt of Federal Tax Return(s)Motion to Dismiss Case (Ch. 7)
Motion to Dismiss for Nonreceipt of Pay AdvicesMotion to Dismiss Case (Ch. 7)

New Events: Motions
  • Motion to Administratively Close Case
  • Motion to File Late
  • Motion/Request to Redact