Pro Bono Honor Roll

Harold Donohue Federal Building and Courthouse
595 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01608


John W. McCormack Post Office and Courthouse
5 Post Office Square, Suite 1150
Boston, MA 02109-3945


United States Courthouse
300 State Street
Springfield, MA 01105




The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts takes pleasure in recognizing the efforts of those attorneys who provide legal assistance, without compensation, to those who face substantial economic hardship (and often language barriers) so that they are able to navigate through the bankruptcy process. These services greatly benefit the bankruptcy system of our nation and all of its components. Those volunteer efforts include pro bono service in one or more of the following areas: reaffirmation agreement clinics, pro se clinics, bankruptcy seminars and training for volunteer lawyers, mentoring of volunteers, legal representation for qualifying parties in bankruptcy cases and adversary proceedings and volunteer mediation in qualifying adversary proceedings. The following pro bono volunteers are recognized for their current and continued support in serving the people of our district.

Frank J. Bailey
United States Bankruptcy Judge

Christopher J. Panos
United States Bankruptcy Judge

Joan N. Feeney
United States Bankruptcy Judge

Melvin S. Hoffman
United States Bankruptcy Chief Judge

2016 Honor Roll

Warren Agin
Kerime S. Akoglu
William R. Baldiga
Joseph H. Baldiga
Elaine M. Benkoski
Janet E. Bostwick
Christopher M. Candon
Nadine Champagne
David R. Chenelle
Michelle L. Cote
N. Lee Darst
John W. Davis
Michael P. Dube
Kellie W. Fisher
Jesse N. Garfinkle
Henry E. Geberth, Jr.
Jonathan R. Goldsmith
Scott C. Hubbell

Maegan L. Hurley
Jeffrey L. Jonas
Elizabeth D. Katz
Gazion Kotoni
Donald Lassman
Sarah J. Long
John G. Loughnane
Carolyn Lynch
Heather J. Lynham
David Madoff
Jonathan D. Marshall
Wendy M. Mead
Richard E. Mikels
Kate E. Nicholson
Andrea M. O'Connor
Gina Barbieri O'Neil
William J. O'Neil
David W. Ostrander
Nina M. Parker

Carmenelisa Pérez‐Kudzma
Steven D. Pohl
David G. Prentiss
Richard S. Ravosa
Alex M. Rodolakis
Deborah G. Roher
Adam J. Ruttenberg
Mary Sharon
Denise M. Shear
Mary Jeanne Stone
Andrew P. Strehle
Leslie Su
Christina M. Turgeon
Adrienne K. Walker
Kevin J. Walsh
Neil D. Warrenbrand
Thomas N. Wilson
Keri L. Wintle