Notice Regarding Changes to the Federal Bankruptcy Rules and Forms Effective December 1, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Several changes to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and to the national forms will become effective on December 1, 2013. Absent action by Congress, amendments to the following Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure will occur:
  • Rule 1007(b)(7)
  • Rule 4004(c)(1)
  • Rule 5009(b)
  • Rule 9006(d)
  • Rule 9013
  • Rule 9014
Click here for the amendments and background materials. Most of these changes are made to recognize the ability of financial management course providers to file proof of course completion directly with the Court. Financial Management Court providers interested in becoming Limited Access Filers to the ECF System should contact the Court

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure regarding discovery sanctions (Rule 37) and subpoenas (Rule 45) also are being amended - these rules are applicable in bankruptcy cases and proceedings under Bankruptcy Rules 7037 and 9016. Click here for the amendments and background materials.

The following forms change effective December 1, 2013:
  • B 3A - Application for Individuals to Pay the Filing Fee in Installments
  • B 3B - Application to Have the Chapter 7 Filing Fee Waived
  • B 6I - Schedule I - Your Income
  • B 6J - Schedule J - Your Expenses
  • B 6 - Summary of Schedules
  • B 23 - Debtor's Certification of Completion of Instructional Course Concerning Financial Management
  • B 27 - Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheet
Click here for the amended forms with instructions and committee notes.